Greenhouse and Dairy Energy Efficiency




As part of the NYSERDA Energy Best Practices for Agriculture program, the company EnSave supports farms in the Dairy and Greenhouse sectors while Ag Energy NY (a program of Cornell Cooperative Extension) supports other farm sectors. Both EnSave and Ag Energy NY help farms access resources that can help save money and boost productivity. All types of farms may benefit from the Ag Energy NY page on energy efficiency across farm sectors.

For energy efficiency guidance specific to greenhouse or dairy operations, please visit the NYSERDA Energy Best Practices for Agriculture program page. Summaries about energy efficiency in dairy and greenhouses operations is provided below from EnSave.

For more information about what is available on this website and through the Ag Energy NY program, visit our Program Background page.



A grower can save a substantial amount of energy by implementing steps to reduce heat loss in the greenhouse. Greenhouse energy savings can also be found by upgrading lighting, motors, refrigeration, and ventilation. An energy audit or audit pre-consultation can better determine which actions are most cost effective for your unique situation.


Dairy farms have among the highest energy use of all types of agriculture.  Fortunately, there are many technologies farmers can implement on the farm to significantly reduce their energy usage and utility costs.  Some of these technologies can also improve cow comfort and farm production processes.  Farmers who have had their farm energy use assessed, and who have taken advantage of energy saving opportunities by implemented practices, have demonstrated that these updates can be cost-effective on dairy farms of all sizes, although to what degree depends on many factors.