Getting Started




  • Choose Your Farm Sector

    Step 1

    Visit the welcome page and choose your Farm Sector. Review the technologies and implement relevant measures that are readily attainable for you.

  • Contact a Specialist

    Step 2

    Contact our team at any time to talk to a farm energy specialist and get advice on almost any topic relating to farm energy and farm operations.

  • Learn About Incentives and Grants

    Step 3

    Learn about grants and incentives by contacting our team or visiting the resources section devoted to grants and incentives.

  • Get an Energy Audit + Continue to Improve

    Steps 4-6

    Obtain a free energy audit of your entire farm operations. Use what you find out to continue to implement energy-saving measures to increase efficiency and save money. Continue to update the energy audit every 2-3 years or more often if farm operations change. The energy audit should be a dynamic resource and tool to help make informed decisions regarding energy use and farm operations.