To help farmers understand their energy needs and identify areas to reduce costs and increase efficiency and resilience, no-cost energy audits are available from the NYSERDA Agriculture Energy Audit Program. Eligible farms are assigned a FlexTech Program Consultant by NYSERDA, to conduct an energy audit and produce a report for the entire farm (a comprehensive audit) or for a specific system (a targeted audit) depending on farmer interests. This technical assistance and energy analysis report shows what options are available and highest-priority for cost-saving energy efficiency improvements.

No further commitment is required from farmers who participate in an energy audit, this program is intended to freely provide you with more information, to help your farm be more economically and environmentally sustainable.

To start the process of getting a no-cost, no-commitment energy audit of your farm, please complete the Ag Energy NY interest form. Cornell Cooperative Extension staff will serve as a coordinator for your energy audit and any follow-up steps you chose to take to improve energy efficiency on your farm.


Technical assistance at no cost to farmers


Product rebates allow farmers to recover some or all of the costs of energy efficiency upgrades. As rebates are identified by the Ag Energy NY program, they will be added below.

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Energy efficiency can call for big capital expenditures, but these up-front costs are eventually paid back by savings, while providing long-term benefits. The following grants help cover large up-front costs to make energy conservation more accessible for farmers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I find advice on residential parts of a farm on this website?

The NYSERDA Agricultural Program does not cover the residential parts of the farm. Still, it does include farm equipment that may be in the home, such as refrigeration and freezers, as well as produce handling. Residential energy advising can be found at the Smart Energy Choices Program page.

What types of cattle farms are generally discussed on this website?

The information on this website is geared towards all scales of cattle farms that can be found in New York  State. Best practices are developed with a focus on small- and medium-scale operations, because larger farms can generally apply the same technologies and approaches at larger scales.

Can I find some advice on on-site power generation on this website?

We do not focus on renewables like solar electric panels and small wind turbines on this website. They are parts of the Farm Energy Audit as farmers should aim at both energy efficiency systems and renewables. When affordable energy efficiency items are installed, they reduce the renewable systems' size and cost, which tend to be much more expensive.