Glossary of Terms




This page defines technical terms and acronyms you may find on this website or its reference materials.




  Carbon dioxide

DHW Domestic hot water, produced by water heaters.
HE High-efficiency. Sometimes associated with Energy-Star performance rating.
LED Light emitting diode. A modern type of lighting.
O&M “Operations and maintenance”. Describes a category of activities related to operating a farm and maintaining the equipment used on a farm.
O2 Oxygen
Temp Temperature
VFD A variable frequency drive controls a motor so that the speed of the motor can be changed to meet the requirements of the load.
EC Electronically Commutated. Refers to a type of motor, also known as a brushless motor, which has built-in electronics and design to achieve improved performance compared with other type of motors. EC motors can be found in ventilation and other motor-driven farm technologies.